About Me:

   I am a Teacher Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Wake Forest University. I started at my current position Fall of 2017. I graduated with a PhD in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics at Temple University. In the summer semester of 2017 I successfully defended my dissertation entitled " Singular Integral Operators Associated with Elliptic Boundary Value Problems in Non-Smooth Domains" under the supervision of my adviser Professor Irina Mitrea. My research intersets lies within the domains of Harmonic Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, and Geometric Measure Theory.

   Before Temple University, I attended the American University of Beirut ( AUB), where I spent two years and I got my Master's degree in Mathematics on June 2012. My Master’s thesis was supervised by Professor Nazih Nahlus, and it was entitled: “Ultra products and Quotients of Infinite Direct Products of Lie Algebras”.

   I got my Bachelor’s degree at the Lebanese University. I attended the Lebanese University between the years of 2007 and 2010. Starting at the Nabatieh Campus for my first year, and then transferring to the Hadath campus for the second part. I graduated on June 2010, after which I got accepted for admission at AUB with a Graduate Assistantship, and transferred there for my Master's degree.